• Seasoned digital product leader. 
• Strategic thinker and problem solver. 
• Builder of highly motivated, diverse and engaged cross functional teams.
I’m an idea guy, a strategic thinker and seasoned product leader who loves to solve complex and challenging B2B and B2C business problems. I excel at seeing missed opportunities for business growth, customer engagement, and product innovation —and designing solutions to address them. I have done this work from both product and design roles, but it all comes down to taking a user-centric perspective and using a broad set of tools to move a product forward.
Over the past two decades I have worked across numerous industries, deploying digital products across mobile and desktop platforms using an array of solutions that includes the most advanced e-commerce systems, machine learning and augmented reality. 
I have specific experience in eCommerce and within that AR and fashion. I also have extensive experience developing product for financial and professional communities.
Some of the companies I have done work for include Amazon, Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson, McKesson, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Sony, Toys-R-Us and The World Bank.
I also have a track record of creating customized team structures that address an organization's needs, and then hiring up, directing, and mentoring highly engaged teams to solve the organization's business and product challenges.
You can reach me at mark@markwaldo.com
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