I’m a designer, a strategic thinker and seasoned product leader who loves to solve complex and challenging B2B and B2C business problems. I excel at seeing missed opportunities for business growth, customer engagement, and product innovation —and designing solutions to address them. I have done this work from both product and design roles, but it all comes down to taking a user-centric perspective and using a broad set of tools to move a product forward.
I also have a track record of creating customized team structures that address an organization's needs, and then hiring up, directing, and mentoring highly engaged teams to solve the organization's business and product challenges.​​​​​​​
When I roll up my sleeves, I use Figma, Omnigraffle and other tools to design world class interfaces.
Some of the companies I have done work for include Amazon, Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson, McKesson, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Sony, Toys-R-Us and The World Bank.
I love doing this work and am available for freelance gigs and will consider permanent full time positions.
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