I straddle the design and product disciplines, working with senior leadership to move the business forward. I have a mind for strategy and making things that people want to use and will pay for.
I started in the arts doing fine art work in several areas including painting and drawing. I care a lot about how something looks. This is not to say that that my work isn't customer centric or informed by interaction and IA principles, but I do think there is a solid contribution being made to people if you are generating work that is gorgeous.
I am also technically minded. Along these lines, working both on my own as well as with research scientists and other disciplines, I have pulled 6  patents built on artificial intelligence and augmented reality.
I am also a good leader. I care a lot about people. I like being around them. I have had lots of success leading teams and working with people across disciplines. I hire great people, mentor them and creatively direct the projects they are working on so that they are empowered and engaged, but are also producing work that is on brand, loved by our customers and meets business needs. 
Their work is always world class.
Me and some of the people on my team at Amazon. All superstars who, after I left, have gone on to do great things at Facebook and Google. 
Out of nowhere, my team at eHealth sent me these Vans in appreciation of, well, me. I was so blown away. Since we were working remotely, one person started a design on a pair of Vans he bought. He then mailed them to another designer who added more. They went on mailing these back and forth to each other across the country until everyone had added something and then sent them on to me. 
Getting these from them was a career highlight. 
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