I am skilled at innovation around new technologies and transactional interfaces. And I build awesome design teams. To make that happen I am expert in design, design management, creative direction, research and product delivery.
I also have my eye on helping businesses achieve greater profitability. At eHealth, and online insurance brokerage, I have directed my team in making design improvements that have doubled year over year customer traffic to enrollment in insurance plans. This translates into an increase of profit numbered in the millions.
My core industry focuses are fashion, finance and healthcare where I have gained experience in the consumer types of each as well as design for relevant technologies such as machine learning and augmented reality.
This entails learning and adapting to quickly advancing technologies. Along the way I have been a part of, or initiated, 6 patents in machine learning and augmented reality, and have directed exciting concept explorations that have gone on to shape online products that have led their markets.
My Clients have included Amazon, AstraZeneca, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, eHealth, Johnson & Johnson, McKesson, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Penn Medicine, PG&E, Penske, Shire, Silicon Graphics, Sony, Visa, and the World Bank.
As for teams, In 2020 I had the highest manager rating within the eHealth product team across eight disciplines.
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