AR view lets you view thousands of products in your home, before you buy them. The interface is simple, allows quick access to a curated set of products across several categories, and is fun to use.
I helped define product requirements, developed the design strategy, and directed the interface design and workflow development.
Prior to the release by Apple of the ARKit, we had developer a way of placing the object at scale that did not require a marker. But it did require the customer to walk the circumference of an imaginary circle with the object's position at the center of the radius so it could be initialized and shown. This was a daunting UX challenge. 
As an interim fix, I devised a way to get people to walk this circle by putting a halographic object in the scene that has something written on its side. To read it, people would walk around to see it better. In this way, I was able to have people naturally walk the way we needed while maintaining focus on the central point. When this was done, the AR model would appear at scale and on the surface of wherever the person wanted to see it.
I built the model for this concept demo in SketchUP and edited it in iMovie.

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