As the head of product design at eHealth, I led design strategy conversations with the C-Suite, partnered with my peers in product and dev, creatively directed all work, and built up a diverse team that addressed both the needs of the business and its customers.
Taking a product leadership role, I initiated and justified to the CEO a redesign of eHealth's primary content site and eCommerce flow. Key to the design was to improve customer success in finding and purchasing insurance plans, as well as inspire greater customer confidence by modernizing the overall look and feel of the original site.
Constraints included using the existing color palette, logo and logo colors.
We also had a mandate from leadership to create a serious/sober and credible design. But outside of that we could re-architect the site, restructure the visual design, address issues of accessibility, and add plenty of new features.
Many customer comments about these tools were nearing elation. Being able to find a Medicare plan on their own was huge for our customers.

In 2019, under my direction, the design improvements we made were largely responsible for increasing our online (vs. phone) applications by 50%. In 2020 through this redesign, we increased the number of online applications by 50% again.
Analytics post launch verified that using our improved commerce site, medicare insurance customers were now more able to find plans that included their doctors and drugs on their own online - without calling an agent. 
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