As a contract UX Designer for CHI&Partners, re-architected LIME's website across desktop and mobile. LIME, an acronym for 'Landline, Internet, Mobile, Entertainment', was a Caribbean communications provider owned by the British based Cable & Wireless Communications. 
Adhering to current best practices, I restructured key features to help customers add hours to their phone plans, understand extensive and diverse subscriber options, and purchase a large range of phones. While I was responsible for creating the UX strategy and UX design, I worked with CHI&Partners Interactive Art Director, Allen Wong, who rendered my work into visually designed mocks.
This, my final UX presentation, shows high level personas, site maps, and page level wireframes for both desktop and mobile. 
Designed to be responsive, the site looked good on both mobile and desktop platforms.
Outcome - Spot on and energized
The work was as success for LIME. The brand and UX experience was embraced by its customers. LIME leadership and its customers also felt that the new site modernized LIME and positioned it competitively. Additionally the new site re-energized LIME from senior leadership to the vendors in small stores who were selling hours directly to the people across the Caribbean.  
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