As part of interviewing with Macy's to run design for their mobile app, I was asked to participate in a design challenge. This is a video recording of my presentation to their design challenge which was broadly defined as "Design a seamless and personally engaging app experience for customers to easily find, purchase, and track items after their initial download and continued usage. to design a mobile experience."
I developed three customer workflows to deliver a mobile app that would rebuild product search around integrated looks, leverage video conferencing and Macy's existing personal shopper capability, and integrate customers' existing clothes in with Macy's product lines to create realistic recommendations. 
The deck was made for voice over narration, but without out it, you can still see where I was taking their mobile app. I pulled the product images from Zara's 2018 Catalog.

Success with this challenge resulted in Macy's making me an offer to be their Director of Mobile Design. I turned the offer down to go to work at eHealth, but appreciate what Macy's is doing very much.
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