As SVP of Digital Product for TIGER 21 I oversaw the launch of their first app. This work included 
• initial requirements gathering
• building a board of users for usability and research
• conducting all user research from creating screener, script, moderation and findings and recommendations
• establishing the visual design direction
• creative direction of all design
• oversaw flow of design to dev via Jira, daily standups and community tools in Figma
• review of all front end devs deliverables and maintaining awareness of backend solutions and progress
• created product marketing plan including the direction of the sizzle reel below
• trained all staff on the app and provided training oversight for users
• maintained quarterly budget and progress statuses with board of directors
I was the creative director for this video - establishing the overall approach, look and feel; writing the content, creating story boards, directing the production team and organizing all reviews and presentations with leadership.
The goal of the video was to excite our customers about the upcoming launch of the new mobile app. 
To this end the video was just one part of a larger roll-out marketing plan that I designed and implemented with the support of staff.
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