As SVP of Digital Product for TIGER 21 I oversaw the design, and product management, including product marketing for their first community app.
The goal of the app was to support the feeling of connectedness members had with each other as well as help them work together on investment strategies and investment opportunities. 
I have been studying communities in both IRL and online for over 30 years so this was a job I was very ready to do.
A primary goal of the app was to help members feel their connection to each other at any time.
We made it easy to find their next meeting - as well as to find group events such as seminars on investing in gold and crypto or ski trips in Wyoming.
Through chat we made it possible for Members to connect  quickly and globally.

We focused the most on the members profiles. I have designed several profile sections in my career. This project gave me the chance to put in everything I know about creating a profile to create a place that not only informs people about your work history and such but gives them a sense of the fabric you are cut from. 
To do this I put in the profile the kinds of things that might say something about you, like what you say and share in forums, events you attend, what you think you are good at, and what people can ask you questions about. 
Profiles are the center of an online community. There are so many features that are important like forums, chat and calendars of events, but if you can make a profile that helps me know a little bit about who you are from a heart level, then it becomes the most important starting point for the success of the whole project.
Sizzle Reel 
The sizzle reel video was just one part of a larger roll-out marketing plan that I designed and implemented with the support of staff.

The reception of the app by members was well above expectations. We began collecting data that showed that they were engaging it at a high level.
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