For Amazon I was charged with creating a VR fashion shopping experience. As a design framework, I used the fashion editorial - a standard way within the fashion industry to showcase individual fashion items and the overall zeitgeist of a fashion style. At their best, fashion editorials tell a story and are set within compelling environmental contexts. For this reason alone, they serve as good precedence and a jumping off point for VR concepting for fashion retail. 

In the video below, I show one initial concept study I built using SketchUp and iMovie. It references an actual editorial that Zara created for its Fall-Winter 2016 campaign called "Disco Forest". The study begins with a review of the editorial on the Zara website to help senior leadership understand the concept of a fashion editorial. It then transitions to a VR experience.

This concept study also includes a product tie-in with Amazon Music. Audio within VR is very important and it provides a deeper experience for the customer.
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