I worked with senior level stakeholders and individual business unit stakeholders at the World Bank to drive the redesign of the World Bank's Internet. 
The project was in many respects a business consulting gig where I worked to define primary company goals as well as ensure 12 different business units that their requirements would be met. When I arrived I found an organization that seemed headless and occupied by business units that were increasingly at odds. 
An intranet is not just an internal website but a unified statement about an organization, what it means to work there and how people work within it. Because of this I had to quickly create a little cohesive nation of all the business units within the bank where everyone agreed on the intranet's requirements and goals. 
I was able to do this successfully by building alliances with key stakeholders as well as holding collaborative work sessions with each unit to give them a voice in the process and drive the definition of their own requirements. 
The output was not just a well designed intranet but a common vocabulary I worked hard to create that allowed them to work more smoothly together after my team and I completed our project.
This presentation covers the process of designing the intranet. I used product management tools to define the vision, strategy, product roadmap, and requirements. 

Homepage for intranet. With 12 different units within the bank, this page had to address both internal as well as cross-team announcements and communications. Additionally it had to deliver support to employees including invoicing, vacation planning, and benefits review.
Combined employee benefits and activities page
Employee information page. Because many of the employees moved freely among projects, it was important for project leads to find the right people for their projects. As a result the employee pages became important places for understanding a person's capabilities and availability.
The project was called a success by the World Bank stakeholders both because the end product was a well designed intranet, but also because I was able to lead 12 business units through independent requirements development and then bring those requirements together in a way that built a quorum and an intranet all were excited to have access to.
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